experiments in water


From a small fountain


same fountain part of the course


last one from the course the light is loads better in these


waterfall in tropical world


the camera kept misting up and the light balance went strange


last one from the fall

I kind of got distracted from the photo a day themes, blaming it on holidays, motivation and too much else to consider at present. I did go on a photography course which was inspiring and taught me how to use some of the functions on my camera instead of just relying on the fully automatic mode. one of the things I learnt was how to take photos of fast things like water. So heres a sample of my water based pictures. Still haven’t quite got to grips with the right lighting – but its a new thing…


15 thoughts on “experiments in water

  1. seriously? you’ve been shooting on auto all this time? I think I’m going to quit being a snob about using that setting…((though I suppose aperture priority isn’t so different).

    Anyway – ’nuff technical stuff – nice shots! (ok, one more technical thing – try squeezing the aperture really tight and pushing the iso up really high, next time you’re looking at water. It’s cool!)

    • i shall try the aperture / iso tip thankyou! and yes i had been shooting in automatic all this time which is why I put meself on the course as I realised I wasn’t really using the camera to its full potential and it felt kind of lazy..

  2. Like the water photos. The natural world is beautiful. I looked at some of your photos on Flickr. They are great. Did yo shoot them with an iPhone? I love iphoneography too. I carry mine on my daily walk and get some great shots. Look forward to seeing new work. Have a great day.

    • Hi – yes i have a mixture of iphone and DSLR photos depending on the time and place etc – love both though. Thankyou for visiting I haven’t used Flikr for a while may be should revisit. Hope you have a great day as well x

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